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2008- Builder & Houseman

In 2008 time restraints caused by 4 very young kids and a half modernised house forced me to give up what was becoming a successful business and become a house husband.
My days are spent as taxi driver, cook and cleaner or trying to build a house to our ever changing needs and my wife's ever changing wishes!

2002- 2008 Web Design

Since completing training as an applications programmer I worked as a freelancer creating static and dynamic web sites for a number of companies and agencies.

1999 - 2001 Cleaner

When I first came to Germany I worked for a cleaning company while learning German and developing my computer skills.

1997 - 1999 Security Supervisor

Working as part of a small independent team to ensure the safety of a large industrial estate utilizing an extensive CCTV system and street patrols. Duties involved supervising and rostering of staff, report writing, alarm response, liaison with police, clients and other security companies.

1995 - 1997 Self Employed.

Operating a franchised milk round. My work consisted of delivering, ordering, bookkeeping, and sales. The work was very customer orientated requiring high levels of customer care. I took over a declining milk round and against the trend and expectations achieved below the industry's national average decline.

1992- 1995 Factory Operative

Packing and machine operating. I was responsible for quality control and completing production records. During my time with the company I was asked to participate in several working parties looking at developing best practice throughout the site as the company worked toward achieving ISO accreditation.

1991 Bar Manager

Run a busy student union bar. Duties involved serving, stock ordering, stock rotation, cash reconciliation and staff supervision.

1987 - 1991 Pet Shop Owner

This started as a pet food delivery service run from our living room. Within a year it proved so successful we outgrew the house and needed to find premises. The logical step was to open an actual pet shop allowing us to also sell excess stock. The business had to be sold when my then wife and I seperated.



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